Infrared Scanning


Infrared scanning (IR) accurately identifies the presence of abnormal heat in electrical and mechanical systems, which can help predict equipment trouble within your building or plant. The technology used in Infrared Scanning processes is Infrared Thermography. Infrared Thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal problems. In other words, it is the visual creation of a temperature image.

Since the mid-1960s, thermographic inspections have proven to be an indispensable diagnostic tool, providing positive evidence in interpreting heat related problems associated with electrical and mechanical systems in a building or a plant.

Thermography detects invisible heat, and through a highly specialized infrared scanner, measures and converts this surface radiated heat into a digital image. This image is videotaped or photographed by trained thermographers, and the photographs are called thermograms. The images are then analyzed to pinpoint costly heat related problems caused by poor design, workmanship, or material failure in electrical/mechanical systems and buildings.

A diagnostic survey is then carried out by certified specialists with state-of-the-art equipment capable of measuring surface temperatures from –20°C to 1500°C.

Documentation and Data Interpretation:

If there is evidence of a heat related problem, a thermographic report data sheet with the thermogram and visual photograph of the component or area will be provided. Information important to interpretation and recommended corrective action will be given on each data sheet for your use.

The report sheets indicate the order in which the survey was carried out. The data sheets with the thermogram and visual image photo are not necessarily in order of importance of recommended corrective action.

As a guide to establish repair priorities, a temperature differential of the hot spot to that of a reference point of normal point will be given where applicable. This is called a temperature rise.

There are four categories of temperature rise used with electrical equipment. These are used if the components are under sufficient load and excess temperatures are measured, to assist in scheduling repairs.

Industry Recommendations:

At Triple E Power Systems, we recommend the following procedures be taken in regards to the upkeep of your thermal systems:

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